Friday, May 15, 2020


What a difference a day makes.  It's in the high 80's today, sunny with light breeze.  I recovered the two tables that are on the patio.  I had two felt back plastic tablecloths leftover from last year which I used today.

In order to keep the tablecloths on, I cut them about ten inches wider than the table on all sides.  Then I sew a pocket on the edge of the tablecloth with string inside as I sew, leaving a gap in the center of a long side.  Then I place the tablecloth on the table and pull the strings so that it curls the tablecloth under the table and tie the string off.  This way I never have to chase it's always on.  Yes, it does get dirty from time to time, but a simple wipe with a wet cloth takes care of it.

I did get the umbrella up and it kept the chairs dry from the rain last night.  I haven't gotten any plants yet for the two beds I want flowers in.  Hopefully tomorrow I can drive around to see if anyone has any on sale.  We aren't open in this county but both Home Depot and Walmart usually carry them.  I just hesitate to physically go to either store...maybe I'll send the boys!!!!

I think this weekend I will simply not deal with any guild matters.  I want to enter a new artist's contest so I am going to take some time to design that least think about it.  I want to use fabric and threads but no quilting, nor embroidery.  Guess I will pull out one of my 12" square canvasses and work on a design.  That seems to be my go-to favorite starting place.  It will be nice to think about a new challenge.

So what are you planning to do this weekend?  I hope you have lots of fun activities even if it is only to sit outside and enjoy reading a book.

Talk to you on Monday...