Wednesday, June 24, 2020


Well, I did get the project done for the mini-newsletter.  I actually did two different with no sewing and one with.  I love the results of the second one.

The supplies I needed were a background fabric, thread scraps, fussy cutting flowers, sewing machine with gold thread and (optional) machine quilting gloves and slider mat.

I placed the thread on the background by pulling out a few strands at a time from the bundle and placed them on the background.  When I was happy with the results, I added the flowers which I fussy cut out of some Japanese fabric.  (Fussy cutting means that I cut out the flower alone.).

When the thread scraps and the flowers were placed, I put a piece of tulle over the top, cutting it to the size of the background fabric.  A note of caution, try not to reposition the tulle because it totally messes up the design.  Next I pinned the tulle to
the background and machine quilted
with gold thread.

I always use quilting gloves and the slider mat.  (I have no affiliation with either company.)  The slider mat makes quilting so easy, I would not try it without the mat.

So here is the quilted results.  Unfortunately, it does not photograph as beautiful as it is in person.

That's all for today...
Talk with you tomorrow...