Wednesday, August 19, 2020



We stopped several places during my trip to pick up Duchess and one was Yellowstone Park.  We spent several days there and barely scratched the surface.  From one of the camps we stayed at, the closest way to get to Yellowstone was on Beartooth Highway.

Now, this highway is only open a few months out of the year because you begin at the bottom and travel to the is not for the faint of heart, folks...and it could be warm at the bottom but freezing ice and snowing at the top.  But there was an addition this time that wasn't there several years ago...guardrails.  Not high ones mind you, but they were there.

So here are a few pictures from halfway up:
You can barely make out the road we drove on to get to the highway.

See that little two lane dirt road with no guard rails?

Here's a close-up.  It's not fun when you meet another car!!!

You can see parts of the highway in the above two pictures.

Playing in the snow!!!

Finally at the top...with goats!!!

That's all for today folks.  I'll share more pictures of my trip later.  Thanks for stopping by...

Talk with you tomorrow...