Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Flip & Stitch Quilting As You Go


I was looking at another way to use scraps including batting.  I decided that a flip and stitch, quilting as I go was the best way.  First I wanted to create right size blocks of batting out of scraps.  By using the widest and longest zig-zag stitch overlapping about 1/16th of inch, I was able to sew together over a dozen batting blocks.

Next I wanted to find a backing fabric so I chose this one as well as one other:
I first laid a pice of fabric in the center of the batting and backing fabric.  
Next lay the next piece of fabric on the batting next to the first piece.
Place the second piece of fabric on top of the first piece right sides together.
Sew a seam up one side, flip and iron.  (Note:  To make sure the batting does not get compressed, iron the piece on a bath towel.)
Continue adding pieces of fabric, placing right sides together, sewing, flipping and ironing.
Continue until the square is covered.
And this is what the back looks like.  (Note:  I used white so you can see the stitching.)
You can also use strips to make blocks.
And this is what the back looks like.
Note that this is a different background.  You can vary the backing fabrics and create an interesting quilt back.  And here is a block done with squares.
The top row was done via flip and stitch.  I sewed the remaining two rows together before sewing them to the first row.  So there is not much quilting.
Flip and Stitch, quilting as you go is an easy and fast way to use scraps and create quilts.  Why not give it a try.

Talk to you tomorrow...