Wednesday, September 9, 2020


Bet you thought that I wasn't going to continue blogging - right?  Well, things have been a bit hectic around here.  What, with the guild...still lining up speakers for the first meeting of the month in 2020-2021.  And now that we are going to have two meetings...well, we have to find things to keep our members interested for that meeting also.  

Add to that, SnowWhite!  She's finally the tune of $3700!!!  About $2500 was general maintenance like the 150,000 mile check-up and replacement of one of two turbos (their life is usually 150,000 miles).  But the rest was to fix something that was broken...mainly bolts...on the manifold...not cheap!!!

So, now that things are getting a bit more under control, I hope to blog on a more regular basis...hopefully at least four times a week.  I am no longer writing a weekly newsletter for the guild.  Now I am only writing two a month.

And can you believe it's fall...almost one-third of September is gone!  The season of orange which is still least in my house but I hope to get the fall decorations out this week/weekend.

And, of course, the pandemic still reigns control.  Our new normal is certainly nothing like our old normal.  We will adjust, hopefully before it's too late.  And we have a very big election coming up.  I hope all of you will vote.  I don't normally talk about politics although I feel very strong about which party I support and am a member of - the Democratic Party.  

I guess the best way to approach your vote is to take a look at the condition of our nation...not our stock market, but our actual nation.  I bet everyone of you at least knows someone who has had COVID19...and many of us know folks who have died from it.  There are so many things verging on the edge that it's mind boggling to even think about it.

It's like the weather yesterday.  Park City, Utah woke up to ice, snow, heavy winds and temperatures in the low 40's and southern California was experiencing temperatures in the 120's.  Seems like things are out of control.

Well, tomorrow I will share some more of the pieces of fabric art that I have finished. And I made a light box so I can take better pictures for my ETSY shop which I will open up soon.  By the way, the name is Fractured case you forgot.

Talk with you tomorrow...