Thursday, September 10, 2020


Can you tell that I'm excited about fall?  Well, I am and I hope the colors are beautiful this year.  

I still haven't got the fall decorations up yet, but will make a small start today.

I took SnowWhite for a long drive yesterday and all seemed well.  Here's hoping that I won't have any more problems.  All in all, she has been a good truck.  Interesting, wondering why I call my truck a 'her'?  But then my Explorer, Lady J was also a 'her'!

I thought I would share how to make a simple table runner...well, it's smaller than a table runner but it's great for fall decorating.  Here's what it looks like and how I use it.

It's easy to make and a great scrap fabric stash buster.   First of all, I cut out a piece of plain cotton fabric larger than the size I want to least four inches larger on all sides. And this piece of fabric is not going to be seen at all so you can use fabric you want to get rid of. Heck, I think I used part of an old sheet once (cleaned, of course).

Then I gather all my fall color fabric scraps and free hand cut out simple leaf shapes which I arrange on the larger piece of fabric, over lapping so only leaves show. You can use a dab of glue to hold them in place if desired.

When the top is finished, I layer it with a bottom fabric and a batting inbetween it and the top with the leaf design. The batting and bottom fabric should be the same size as the original piece of fabric hidden by the leaf design.

Using gold thread, I machine quilt the daylights out of it.. wow, a phrase from my grandma...and then I outline the outer edges with black thread using the closest and widest zig-zag stitch that my machine can make.

Once it is done, I carefully cut out around the zig-zagged edges being sure not to cut the thread. I have used this several years and even washed it several times. It still looks great.

You don't have to stop at fall. Think about what you can do for the holidays by overlapping holiday decorations. Or springtime, you could use flowers. It's quick. It's easy. And it's a great scrap fabric stash buster! 

That's it for today...
Talk to you tomorrow...