Tuesday, November 10, 2020


Another beautiful day...in the mid 70's and sunny.  The golden yellow leaves are on a tree at the edge of our property.  It sparkles in the sunlight.

I worked on Duchess this morning, emptying her outside storage places and checking the sewer line.  I am not sure about the sewer line yet. I don't want to add any water at this point but I will be adding antifreeze and that should tell me how things are!

I am going to pick up wood, antifreeze and get one of my propane tanks filled today.  The heat in Duchess is great so I can work during the winter finishing the remodeling  that I want to do.

Other than that, guild work is piling up with the Holiday Charity, the Holiday Raffle Baskets and the upcoming inhouse store.  And that doesn't include the newsletters and the regular work that goes with leading a large guild.  Guess it does keep me busy!!!

Talk with you tomorrow...