Monday, November 16, 2020


So, Thanksgiving is next Thursday, basically ten days away!!!  But do you know what that means?

Christmas Eve is about 39 days from now!!!  Really?!?  Yep, about that!

I feel like that commercial, it's ten o'clock, do you know where your children are?  Except in my case it would be, it's closer than you think, do you know where your presents/decorations are?'

I am ahead in my shopping, though!  Letting my fingers do the walking (on my computer) as I order things rather than shopping in person.  And you know what, I like it.  It's cheaper - no impulse purchasing - and I can stick to a budget.  I wonder if I will change back now that I have experienced the ease of shopping from home.

I was also very careful with my gift choices.  Again, no impulse purchases!  I also wonder if this will be the beginning of a trend toward minimalism.  Not the type where you live with 41 items, but rather that what you purchase either for yourself or for others is thoughtful and something that fits into your/their lifestyles.

What about you?  Are you thinking about changing the way you celebrate the upcoming holidays.  Speaking of celebrating, I hope all of you are making wise choices with your celebration even if it means staying at home.  

I know that I will miss the big, loud, joyful celebrations, but if staying home this year means that I will be around for next year...well, I will choose to stay home.  Not only for Thanksgiving, but for Christmas.  That will make next year all the better...

Talk with you tomorrow...

(I hope...)