Tuesday, November 3, 2020


I took this picture last week around this area.  The colors were quite beautiful.

So, I am on pins and needles waiting for the election results.  I voted several weeks ago.  Both boys voted this morning with only 20 to 30 minute waits which was unusual for this area.

I needed a craft project for the next newsletter.  I have been putting together several last minute scrap fabric ideas for gifts but I thought I would show how to make something for fall.  Basically, a pumpkin.  It was much easier than I imagined.

First, I used a large plate to make draw a circle on some decorative heavy tapestry type fabric.  I then, with double strands of thread, stitched a gathering stitch around the edge.  

This is what it looked like after gathering and lightly stuffing.  Be sure to stuff all around the edges of the pumpkin.

Using two colors of felt, I cut out the covering for the hole and three leaves.

Cut a small 'X' in the center of the covering part and stick the leaves through a little ways.
The poke the stick through. 
Finally, make a hole in the stuffing in the pumpkin part and put the stick in the hole.  You will notice that I changed sticks...I liked the second one better.
This was fast and easy enough to make several...you could even use them for place cards at the dinner table.  And you can easily make different sizes by varying the size of the circle.

Talk with you tomorrow...