Monday, January 25, 2021


So how do you feel about clutter?  In your physical environment?  In your mental environment?

The movement to have less is appealing to included.  I am still paring down my belongings.

But, many folks forget about mental clutter...and let's face it...there's a lot of it.

And although folks may not realize it, that mental clutter can cause all sorts of stress.  And continued stress does have negative effects on your physical body.

So how do you feel about being alone with yourself?  I really do enjoy my alone time and do not feel lonely.  But some folks feel very lonely when spending time alone...with just themselves.  And yet, this can be very rejuvenating.  Reading, napping or just sitting and watching the sunset.  Taking that amount of time allowing no demands to intrude upon your time can have enormous and positive effects on your life and lessen your stress.

If you really do not like to be by yourself for any length of time, start with small periods.  For instance,  read a book you enjoy for ten minutes...or enjoy a 20 minute leisurely bath.  Then as you feel more comfortable, take longer periods of time.

And when you're ready, get to know yourself.  Find out what clutters up your mental space and take time to understand it and when the time is right, put it aside which, in the long run, will help to reduce your stress.

Quite frankly, this is a life long process but it does give you validation about being who you are and that who you are has enormous worth.  

So what do you say?  How about a nice leisurely bath to start the process?

Talk with you tomorrow...