Tuesday, January 5, 2021


I wanted to try to be a bit more organized but, rather than several different planning books, I decided to try a bullet journal.

If you google bullet journal, you will find lots of examples on both Pinterest and YouTube.  

My journal is somewhat plain compared to many of the journals, but it fits what I need at this point.  It will be interesting to see if this helps me keep more on track and organized.  

I do have other pages such as goals, finances, a list of books that I read, ideas, etc.  But here's a few of my pages.

First, my word of the year...challenge.  

Year at a Glance

The Guild

Monthly Goals

Weekly To do Lists

I took down the tree yesterday because it had gotten quite dry.  The tree trimmings are on the dining table and I want to get at least half packed up today.  Still have other decorations up and they will stay up for at least another week.
I have gotten up early two days in a row!!!  Unfortunately, I get sleepy mid-day.  But I did get to the post office to mail the guild letters.  And the grocery store to pick up carrots for chicken pot pie.  I even got in my exercise today!

So, the Georgia Run Off Elections are today.  I have no idea who is going to win and the general consensus is that no one really knows who will come out on top.  And then tomorrow...another interesting day.   Can't wait until political news won't take up so much time!!!

Talk with you tomorrow...