Tuesday, December 14, 2021

25 Days of Christmas Crafts - Day Fourteen - Magazine Trees

Above is my garland of wreaths and snowflakes.  I made all of these things this past month as examples of some of the crafts that I am or have showed how to make.  For the string itself, I took three strands each of red, white and green yarn and braided them grouping three strands together as a single strand in the braid.

Today's craft is something I learned decades ago and still love doing...using magazines of all sizes to make trees.  It's extremely easy and one way to make an inexpensive decoration.  With the magazines I used, I only used one page at a time, but if the pages are really thin, you can use two at a time.  Here are three different sizes of trees...

For the smaller tree (front) I used a small magazine 5" by 7".  For the medium tree (back left) I used a magazine about 6" by 9".  For the large tree (back right) I used a flyer that was 8" by 12".  

All of them are made by folding each page with two folds first.  Once the first two folds are made, the folded pages are tucked into the center.  This step starts out a bit more difficult with the first three to five tucks but after that, it is easy. 

If the magazine covers are very stiff, you can tape them together on the bottom.  The following pictures show first the tree, then the first fold, followed by the second fold.  

Notice that the first fold is always folding the top right corner down to the center.  The second fold is from the bottom right corner up.  Always leave some of the bottom page unfolded as that is how the tree stands.

You can spray paint the tree any color, or even use it as a form for fabric or felt.  But many times leaving the trees as they are, especially with full color magazines, is enough.

Talk with you tomorrow...