Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another Quick Post

I can hardly believe that my time in Minnesota is seems like I just got here.    I've had some great times with friends and families.   I will greatly miss having fun with them.    And just wait, I have enough pictures to blog about for a year...just haven't had the time to upload them yet.  And the Creative Connections Event was fantastic...I'm still psyched about all the possibilities.

My plans are to head east as fast as possible and find a location that doesn't cost an arm and a leg close to NYC.   I found a couple places that are either open late or all year.   Some of the reviews have me reconsidering, so I will probably check them out first before booking.  

Then on to Maine for a stay.   I don't have any specific plans yet, but I do like traveling around in my trailer.   

Next big step...back-in parking.   I'm not sure if I'm ready for that but hey...ready or not I'll have to do it in both NY and Maine.   I figure there will be lots of laughter, but everyone who does it had to do it that first time...right?   Wish me luck...

Thanks for visiting...