Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Basket Collection Again!!!

Well, I didn't make it to Sharon Springs.   Postponed that trip until tomorrow.   But I did find a couple shops in Little Falls.   I purchased a basket at The Old Barn which was full of mainly new decorative items. 

The basket is unique because it contains three different materials and three different styles.   (Think my basket collecting may be coming back!!!)

The antique shop is located on the canal in an old warehouse building.   There are several businesses in other old buildings in the same area.   It's a nice place to spend an afternoon...

I picked up some old books and 1940's craft magazines.  I've been collecting old craft how-to books.  I thought it would be interesting to check out older crafts and see how they've been updated for today's crafters.

As I was driving around Little Falls, I saw this church and stopped to photograph it.  The entry doors are really unique...

On the way to Little Falls, I passed by some Amish farms and an Amish School with horses and buggies outside.   I didn't take any pictures because the children were outside at the school and folks were working on the farms.  (I prefer to not take pictures of people to post on my blog.)  

The colors are beginning to show but not too brightly.   In another week I think the area will be ablaze with fall colors.

Thanks for visiting...