Friday, October 7, 2011

Covered Bridges...Where?

Okay, I have a confession...I didn't find the bridges!  There are pictures of them on the internet, so they are there.   They just illuded me.  But, I did find more Amish Farms...and again, no I did not take pictures because there were folks working.

But it was interesting.   There were two teams of mules, four mules each.   What was unique was that they were hooked up to the wagon in staggered positions instead of straight across.   

One team was pulling a wagon which was full of corn stalks and the driver was bringing it to the barn (across the dirt road on which I was driving...very, very slowly).   The other team was pulling a wagon on which several men were standing and cutting down and stacking the stalks.  

Here are a couple pictures I did take while tooling around the back roads of this area...

So, I've been thinking about my trailer and how much I like it but how it doesn't quite fit the bill for me.  I was looking at other trailers, a few feet longer than mine but realized that won't help because the extra space is dedicated to a bedroom.   And that is not what I want.

Surfing on the internet about RV redo's led me to YouTube pictures on how to take out the dinette and put in a free standing table and chairs.   It looks easy.   I use my benches for storage, so there is nothing in them that would hamper removal.   

So that's what I'm going to do.   I have drawn up plans to remove both benches and the table and put in an L-shaped desk with storage underneath.   I can then use an office chair AND the bonus would be an even more open area.

What do you think?   I think it would enable me to really make use of the space as a place to create and a place to write.

Finally, here's a beautiful fall picture taken in Minnesota...
The camp is buzzing...lots and lots of laughter!

I hope you enjoy your weekend like the folks around here.

Thanks for visiting...