Monday, October 31, 2011

Finally, WiFi...well, almost

I know it's been a the last two campsites I had WiFi and TV but no radio nor phone reception.   At this campsite I have phone reception and radio but no WiFi nor TV.   Well, I guess you can't have it all!!!

I am actually in the middle of the woods, dirt roads and all.   And yes, it did snow.   No we did not get 27 inches, but I think it ran between 7 and 12 inches.   I drove back to the campsite in the snowstorm and the snow was really coming down.  

Shortly after arriving I lost electricity, but that's okay because I still had heat and battery lights, etc.   And the electricity was back on the next morning.

The only interesting thing was the snow thumps...imagine your in an empty steel barrel and someone hits it with a the picture?   Most of the trees have their leaves so the snow would land there first and when it got heavy enough, plop down it fell about 40 feet right on the top of the trailer.   The cats did not take kindly to that at all.

I have pictures of the woods and the snow, but they will have to wait because it has taken over an hour and I still haven't been able to upload a picture.   I'll try again tomorrow.

I finally got an appointment to take care of a few minor things on the trailer and get it winterized.   I plan on staying in Maine for a couple months before heading out.   Will probably get to NYC a several times also.

Thanks for stopping by...

I went to turn the calendar page and realized that the new month was November...going to be a hard month as I stood there crying.   

Both Bill's birthday and our anniversary is this month so I think it may be a soggy one...and I'm such a lousy crier.   You know how some people can cry and look good...not me...but I will make it...thanks for your thoughts.