Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Beautiful Day!

I hope you had great weather today...we hit 64 degrees...practically balmy!!!   I managed to get some more done in the trailer without having to crank up the heat!!!

Here are a couple more pictures from the campsite in the woods...

I'm really settled into my new temporary digs quite well and have even managed to do a little creative work.   Unfortunately, I can't show a couple things because they are Christmas presents and I don't want the recipients to see their gifts.   But I will take pictures and show them after Christmas.

I have also done some more doodling...

I like the color work...it's bright and cheerful.   I think I might reduce this and print up some note cards.  What do you think?

I'm back to working on boutique balls.   (I hope I can find the ones I have already done...maybe I left them in Utah!)   My only frustration is not being able to find the gold pins.   Silver pins abound, but gold ones seem to be few and far between.   I know that boutique balls (You remember, compact styrofoam decorated with ribbon and beads and sequins?) are not in favor right now, but I do enjoy working on them.   I'll post my latest creations tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting...

Enjoy your evening.