Wednesday, January 11, 2012

26 Days!!! Oh My!!

Yeah, I know I use 'Oh My' a lot but when I figured out how soon I would be taking off for warmer weather, I was a bit surprised...

Today was an interesting day...I spent several hours at the service center having my Explorer getting it's 50,000 mile check-up.   It was in excellent condition with the exception for brakes - but other than spending some time (and money!!) - I had an extremely rewarding encounter with a complete stranger as we talked about life experiences. 

Oh, and I am partaking in another swap hosted by Speckled Egg.   This swap is an Altered Journal Swap.   And the timing is perfect.   Can't wait to get the details.

Winter storm coming tomorrow.   A good day to curl up and read a book.   What do you enjoy doing when winter forces you inside?

Take it easy this a bit...craft a bit...enjoy yourself a lot.

Thanks for visiting...