Thursday, January 12, 2012

Journal, Journal, Whose Got a Journal????

We actually had a snowstorm today.   Fun!!   I'm siting next to the window watching the wind play with the snow piles.   It was supposed to turn to sleet and rain, but so far, just snow.  White.   Pretty.   Snow.

I worked a bit more on one of my creative journal pages.

Next I want to layer some tissue paper over it and then a bit of paint...well, wherever the creative wind blows.

Speaking about journals, I have quite a few that I use everyday but these aren't really creative...they are more organizational.

First, I have my Daily Journal which is where I generally write my list of things that I really want to accomplish each day...

Next is my Sacred Journey Journal.   I've designed how I am using this to suit my own needs.   Basically it's where I reflect on ideas, goals, something I've read, etc.   It's also a place where I have written things that I would like to accomplish this year as well as plans to do so.

My Idea Journal is a place to keep track of all those ideas that strike me whenever.   I have a letter system which I use to keep track of the type of ideas.   For instance, C is for crafts and B is for blogs and P is for pictures, etc.   I have found that since keeping this journal I have been able to keep track of all those ideas that used to slip away...

Next is my Blog and Magazine (E-Zine) Journal.   This is where I plan my posts,  the subjects, what pictures to include, etc.   It's also where I'm planning my E-Zine.   Still hoping to publish the first issue in February.   Free, of course.

And finally, my writing journal.   You remember morning pages from the Artist's Way.   Well, I try to write something everyday in this journal...whatever is on my mind at the moment. 

Of course, this doesn't count my creative journals...I have lots of them also.   Think I'm a little journal nuts or something?   Well, I might agree with you.

Still snowing and blowing outside.   I'm sitting here in my pj's, yes, I decided that today was a pj day.   Do you ever spend a day in your pj's?    It's kind of like skipping school...remember those days?

Well, I hope you enjoy journals and journaling as much as I do...

Thanks for dropping by...