Friday, January 13, 2012

Snow, Snow, We Got Snow!!!

Remember the four inches we were supposed to get...well, add about ten inches to that and you might have the total!!!   And guess where my car was?   Right!  In the street.   After the plows came by, the snow was packed up pretty high.

But with just a little shoveling and some great 4X4 (along with some direction from number one son), I was able to drive right out of the mess.   And even better, while I was driving around the block, someone came by and cleaned out where my car was parked so I could park right back where it was...this time without snow!!!!

Football this weekend.   Looks like we may have some good games...but then last Monday's night game between Alabama and LSU was supposed to be good.   Someone forgot to tell LSU that, unfortunately.

I'm still working on my Toilet Paper Rolls Journal.   I have decided that instead of a journal, I'm going to write a story and then make some finger puppets that go along with the story.   The story cards will be inside the rolls.   The puppets will be on the outside in the pockets.

So far I have decorated the open edges of the tubes...

I'm also going to hinge it.   First I cut the rolls in half lengthwise.   To add durability I covered them with fabric.   After drying, I cut them in half and then folded each half in half.   Each roll will have two pieces of the 'hinges' inserted.  The pictures below show the hinging process thus far...

I have also begun to make the pockets.   I cut a square of fabric, then using a brush, I applied Mode Podge to the wrong side, folded in half, right side out, applied more Mode Podge on the outside as well as some lace trim.   After drying, I trimmed the pockets.   I will then attach them with glue to the individual tubes.

I found this small book of card stock cards last week and thought it would make a neat small journal.   And it was really cheap.   The cards can be detached, but I think I will just use it as a journal and keep all the cards in the book.

Well, that's all for this week.   If you're stuck inside, curl up and enjoy a book.   Or, if you're like me you'll enjoy some football.   Be sure to spend some time on yourself.

Thanks for visiting...