Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Catching my breath...finally!

I did make it out a bit today but only to the grocery store...my pantry was empty.    After shopping and putting everything away,  I decided to just relax some more around the campsite.  

Here are a few pictures of the area beginning with my trailer, then a picture of one of the cute cabins and finally the water feature...

I have been catching up with some of my magazines...
...I found quite a few tips in this particular one.   I'm also enjoying a magazine called 'Mollie Makes' which I gather is from the UK.   I have been able to download it onto my computer.   Lots of different ideas from crocheting to creating with fabric.  

I hope to get back to crafting tomorrow, or maybe this evening while I watch the returns of the Republican Elections.   It is an interesting situation, to say the least.

I try to stay away from political issues on my blog but the latest mess with Rush Limbaugh's comments is quite disturbing to me.   I am unable to understand how someone could even make statements of that nature, especially without knowing the facts.   I guess decency is out of favor with some folks. 

Thanks for visiting...

Enjoy your evening.