Monday, March 5, 2012

Recovering from Disney!!!

Don't get me wrong...I had a great time...make that a GREAT time.   But, it does take a lot out of you especially when the temperatures are as high as the humidity and that was 90 percent!!!!

My favorite of all parks is Epcot and those of you who have visited know this is what greets you at the entrance..
The ride inside takes you on a history of communication...sounds dull, doesn't it?   But it really isn't and the part of the ride where you turn around and see the earth from a distance is awesome.

If you haven't visited Disney World, it is worth the time and money.   The shows are great (check out Lion King), the movies, (I really loved the 3D Muppets one), the demonstrations (Indian Jones Stunts and the car chases were really interesting) and the rides are a lot of fun.  

The food is very good but a lot more salt than I'm used to.   And walking...there is a lot of walking...let me repeat...THERE IS A LOT OF WALKING!!!!  So bring your most comfortable clothes and favorite walking shoes...and drink a lot of water...

I didn't make it to Savannah.   I decided to spend a week at St. Augustine to recoup.   But, of course, I will be taking pictures as I walk the beach and the old town.   I visited this place when I was about 5 or 6 and the alligator farm that is here now is the same one that was here when I was little.   Wow! 

Thanks for stopping by...