Monday, March 26, 2012

Design Board, Small Trailer Size

The last Monday of March 2012!  Can that be right?   Are we almost done with March 2012?   'The sands of time slipping away....'   I have got to get a better handle on this thing called time...especially my allotment!!!  More on that later this week.

I have traveled back to Florida.   Not too far from the Gulf of Mexico (which I hope to see tomorrow).   The one great thing about this campsite is it's wifi...I can even watch Netflix on it!!!   I think they have a 4g setup here.  

I have also managed to create a few things.   First off, a design board, small trailer size.   I picked up two pieces of foam core boards (11 by 13) and some low loft batting.   I also used some thick tacky glue, duct tape, a scissors, a glue spreader and two pieces of paper folded in half.   I didn't know I would need the paper, but after using the duct tape to hold the pieces together, it became obvious that it would show through the batting.

First I duct taped the two pieces together on one side only, leaving a quarter inch gap for easy folding.

After putting the duct tape on and finding that it did show through the batting and would become a distraction, I folded two pieces of white typing paper in half lengthwise and glued on top of the duct tape.  I glued down the backside first, then opened the paper up and glued inside and refolded it.   That way everything was held tightly to the board.

Note what I use to spread the glue.   I found that a small half circle ruler works very well.   It is heavy plastic and spreads the glue very easily.

Finally, I covered the entire front of the foam board with a single piece of batting and trimmed the edges.

I can set it on the table or lay it flat.   By attaching some string, I can also hang it either way.   So far I have found it very useful.   And when I'm done, I simply fold it with the batting to the inside (as well as any designs) and slip it between my shelves.

I did work with some fabric for a couple designs and as you can see, the fabric holds well even standing up.

I am using the fabric squares for a welcome sign to my trailer.   Using Mod Podge, I adhered the pieces to a stiff piece of canvas board.  

I am going to add the word WELCOME on the bottom and place a bouquet of flowers diagonally. 

The other design I adhered to a piece of cardboard from the inside of a cereal box.   I will be using this for my mixed media journals.

Well, that's all for today.   I will share my pictures from the Gulf tomorrow.  

Thanks for stopping by.

Enjoy your evening.