Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday's Webinar

I really did enjoy the webinar today even though it was listen only.   We could post questions for the Q and A session after the presentation.   It was on Traci Bautista's latest book Doodles Unleashed:  Mixed-Media Techniques for Doodling.   

I have that book - downloaded to my iPad - and I really have enjoyed it.   Traci wrote another book, Collage Unleashed.   And what's interesting about that is that I have it in soft cover, here, in the trailer.  I have used that book extensively.   Quite frankly, I didn't put the two together until the end of  the webinar when they brought up her previous book.   Dah!!!!!!

Part of the presentation was to do some exercises - all on one page.   Not a great piece of work, but it was good to try out some of her ideas.

One other bonus about her Doodles Unleashed book is that she has provided videos for many of the techniques included in the book which are available to watch, free.   I watched one on making stamp plates using craft foam and either an all-temp heat tool (the type used for burning wood or leather) or a sharp stick (like a wooden skewer).   Fascinating.   Who would have thought...

I did finish my welcome sign.   I'm not entirely happy with it but that is due to fabric restrictions.   I really have very few pieces (even among all that I brought with me) that lent themselves to fussy cutting flowers.   But, it will do for now...

Once I applied the flowers unto the board, I realized that some of them seemed to fade into the background so I outlined all the flowers and stems with a thin black marker.   I also applied a couple more coats of Mod Podge so it can withstand the weather.   Right now it is on my screen door welcoming visitors.

Today was fur brushing and claw trimming day for the kitties.   They did not take to kindly to it.   Neither kitty likes to have his hair brushed.   My other two kitties (Figero and Gepeto) loved it.  Not these two.   And they need it more frequently because their fur is so thick!!!  

And talk about mad about having their claws trimmed.   Dale just howled and howled - he's the vocal kitty.   Unfortunately, Chip likes to bite and hiss.   I managed to get both done with no mishaps to either them or me!!!  Whew!!!

Tomorrow is supposed to be rather warm - 86 degrees - but I still intend to visit the gulf early.   So hopefully I will have pictures to share.

Thanks for spending some time here...

Enjoy your evening.