Friday, April 27, 2012

Finally, the Wind Is Down to Manageable Speeds

It was so cool this morning that I put the furnace on for ten minutes to take the chill off.   It was still windy but over the day the wind decreased.   I'm debating whether to try and rid the trailer of the dust, but am thinking that it may be a lost cause.

I did get out and take some pictures.   Unfortunately, none of them really capture the dramatic scenery, but here they are...
As you can see, it has been very cloudy. 

Driving around in Old Santa Fe has been fun.   I haven't got any more pictures but imagine driving on narrow streets with red adobe tiny buildings crowding the road.    The architecture is completely different than any other place I have visited.   Actually, all the buildings even in the newer parts of town maintain that same adobe architecture.  

Monday, I will be driving to Arizona.    I plan on visiting the painted desert and the petrified forest from the first campsite at Holbrook.   And I will take pictures to share with you.

Thanks for checking in...

Please have a great weekend and spend some time on yourself.