Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday on the the Waterway!!!

To all my friends, I hope your Easter and Passover were celebrations that brought new wonderful memories for each of you.   I know that I hold my memories of this year's celebration in a very special place in my heart.

Well, I almost didn't make it out of Mobile.   Quite frankly, I almost didn't make it out of the driveway.   Actually, I didn't!!!!   After several tries including placing lumber under the tires to lift the back end of the trailer, that option was scrapped and over the woods I went - make that a lawn with a bit of a drop at the end.   But except for losing a sewer cap, my trailer escaped unharmed...the lawn...not so much!!!!  (A good thing it was soft or I would probably still be there!!!)

But I did travel on Monday to New Orleans where I am right now.   It's on the waterway and the campsite is very nice.   The first picture is what I see from my trailer, the second two pictures are of the trailer itself...incase you forgot what it looked like!!!

Last week I did make it to a restaurant on Dog River and here are a couple of pictures I took while there.  It was close to sunset which is why the pictures have an amber glow to them.

Someone asked about the cats.   Dale is doing well on a leash.   Chip?   Well, I have a hard time getting Chip to even leave the trailer.    Still working on that.   But here's a picture of Dale outside...

I have one last picture to share...it's a silhouette of a tree taken against the setting sun.   One of my online classes has helped me to see shapes, textures and patterns in nature.   I snapped a couple of pictures just for the fun of it, but when I downloaded the pictures I was really amazed.

I have discovered a problem that I didn't think I would run into.   Heat.   It does get a bit hot in the trailer without using the air conditioner when it gets to the mid 80's, and I really don't want to leave the cats locked up.    Nor do I want to leave the air conditioner on while I am gone.  So, my trips out are confined to days either with lower temperatures or lots of clouds and rain.   I'm going to have to rethink this situation.   May wind up doing more driving around with the cats in the car.

Thanks for taking the time to visit...

Enjoy your evening...