Friday, May 4, 2012

Grand Canyon Tomorrow

I made it to the campsite close to the Grand Canyon but the trip was not easy.   Even though it was short in mileage, the wind cut down the time and the gas.   I should have had half a tank by the time I got here...ah, no...try about an eighth!!   Not only that, for the first time my GPS sent me 40 miles out of the way to a place that did not exist.   Fun!!!   But I made it.  

The other problem is that there is no good internet access...both my phone and hotspot have single bars,  so I am depending on the campsite wi-fi.  Thus a very short post.

I wanted to share some of the flowers from the Petrified Forest/Painted Desert National Park.  When I began looking for flowers, I found them.   Yes, they are small, but they are colorful...

Looks like this is it for today.   As I said, internet access is not so great.  Pictures of the Grand Canyon next time!  I can't wait...I've never been there!!!

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Enjoy your weekend and spend some time on yourself.