Monday, May 7, 2012

It Really Is A Big Hole In The Ground

Yes, I made it to the Grand Canyon.   It was 50 miles from the campsite, but the drive was definitely well worth it.   If you ever visit the Grand Canyon, I recommend that you watch the movie in the visitor's center.   Quite frankly, I had no idea about the scope of the canyon.

The light was not too advantageous for picture taking so these are not the greatest.   I think they will show you some of the depth of the canyon though.  

(And a note about the pictures.   As I am still traveling, I needed to find a reliable wi-fi connection so I have two hotspots.   But in order not to go over the data restrictions, I am uploading pictures with about half the normal pixel size.   It doesn't seem to affect the pictures on the blog, but if you increase their size, the quality does decrease.)

Well, here are some of the Grand Canyon - and yes, like the painted desert, I took tons of pictures!!!

The drive from the Grand Canyon to Cortez, Colorado was about 300 miles.   The scenery was awesome.

After leaving Flagstaff the countryside looked brown and desolate with giant hills.   It reminded me of a child pouring sand in a sandbox to make hills and then patting down the tops to round them off.   As I continued driving, the scene changed to a bright red landscape with sharp edges on cliffs and hills.  

These smoothed out to a rolling hillside with large red buttes dotting the land.   The landscape included greenish, yellowish brush.   And there were tons of colorful desert flowers edging the highway - orange, white, yellow, purple.

From there the scenery changed again to large mountains and enormous rocks that reminded me of monuments...

I'm in Cortez now.   I took the day off to take care of housekeeping errands like shopping, laundry, paying bills, know the everyday, ordinary things that need to be accommodated occasionally.   But tomorrow, even in the rain, I will be visiting the Mesa Verde National Park.   And I will take more pictures to share!!!

Believe it or not, it is so cold here that I have had to put on the heat and bring out my electric blanket!!!

Thanks for checking things out here...

Enjoy your evening...