Friday, May 18, 2012

Office Finished!!

I found the rest of the shelves that I needed to finish the office area in the trailer.   Here are the latest pictures...

The two shelves are off the desk.   If you look, they are on the bedside table at the back of the trailer which is nice.   Now I will have a place to put things like scarfs, gloves, jewelry, etc.  

(Speaking of gloves, I had to find the heater which was stored in one of the outside storage places.  Why?   Because it is so cold.   The high today is 50 and it is raining and windy.)

Over the desk, I found space to put up a small design wall.   The flowers in the corner actually do serve a purpose.   They cover up all those wires that seem to pop up around electronics.   They also cheer up the corner.

I like this arrangement very much and think that my trailer tinkering is done - at least for the moment.  Now I can concentrate on my crafts!!!

I will leave you with some more pictures from the National Parks...

Have a great weekend.   Take some time for yourself.   Enjoy your friends and family.

Thanks for visiting...