Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Resting, At Last!!!

Mother's Day drive was a long one, but I made it to Park City where I will be staying for several weeks.   Monday, I just vegged out which is my usual M.O. after a long drive.   But on Tuesday, I reworked the trailer.

Remember how the 'office area' looked...

Well, this arrangement worked well for the most part but I really wanted an L-shaped desk.   So I took out the remaining bench, (the plastic drawers are sitting on top of the bench).    Moved the CO detector to the side wall which turned out to be easier that I thought.

Once everything was out, I realized that building a desk may not work as well as I wanted so I used the table again as well as the wood around the plastic drawers (Bonus:  I saved money!)   Here is the result...

I am going to purchase a few more shelves to fill in.   I will then be able to get rid of the shelves on the desk area.   I love the fact that the sewing machine is right next to the desk so I can use it for projects.   And if I am doing a lot of sewing, I can just place it on the desk.

The amount of free space in the middle of the trailer is unbelievable.   I didn't realize that the switch would make that big of a difference, but it did.   And if I need more project space, especially when I am staying put for a while, I have a large folding table which I can add...and there's enough room to do so now.

Before leaving for Park City, I did manage to go to another site in Arches called Landscape Arch (probably because it is so huge).  

See the thin arch in the forefront.   You could probably fit several of the Delicate Arches underneath it!!

There's a unique window arch close to this arch...

On the way, I took lots of pictures.   Here are two.   One is of a narrow passageway - there are lots of them.   The other is of a small narrow sandy passage which is cold in the shade and extremely hot in the sun.

I also made it to Canyonlands National Park.   This park has an area much like the Grand Canyon.   There's a two-day trip down into the canyon which looks like lots of fun...maybe next year.

Now that I will not be traveling to new campsites every couple of days, I hope to do some more crafting projects.   But in any case, I have lots more pictures to share of all the places I've been to.

Have a great evening and thanks for spending a few minutes here...