Friday, June 22, 2012

Are You Ready for the Weekend?

I hope so because it begins in a few short hours!!   My plans are to work on the Kitty Kennel.   The one I talked about in the last post.   That is, if it doesn't get too hot around here.   Today was a bit warm and windy.   And there must have been a fire somewhere in the area because smoke was everywhere.

This is a picture from Canyon Lands National Park.   See that little road on the right hand side.   Well, that's called the 'Rim Trail' at the bottom of Canyon Lands.   It takes about two days to drive with a four-wheel vehicle and all supplies - food, water, gas, tents, etc. - have to be brought with you.

It sounds like a fun thing to do, in cool weather, that is.   Maybe next spring!!!

Here's another picture...this one of some neat looking caves.   Problem is, though, getting to them.   Climbing straight up is not my cup of tea.   Taking pictures...that's more my style.

Have a great weekend and please take some time for yourself...

Thanks for dropping by...