Monday, June 25, 2012

A Hitch in the Tweaking!!!

Remember I told you last week that I was still tweaking the trailer...this time so the boys can venture outside on their own (to their own small fenced in yard)?  By the way, in case you're new here, the boys are my two cats.

I am making a door on the inside wall to the front outside storage unit by the trailer door...see picture.    The fence will be around the storage door area so when it is open and the inside door to the storage unit is open, the boys will be able to go out on their own.

Well, there was a major hitch in the design I came up with...I couldn't find all the fittings that I needed...and some won't be available for quite some time.   But even if they were available, the cost for just the fittings and pipe was going to be close to $50.   Add to that the canvas and hardware screen cloth and I was over well $100.   And that did not include any time spent putting it together and sewing the cover.

So a rethink was necessary.   Today, I dropped off some things at the local thrift store and they had semi-lightweight fencing which they were using to separate the donations from the items ready for sale.   Alas, no they had none for sale, but they told me where to find a pet store.  

Onto the pet store I went and found the exact same fence for $99!   It's not too heavy, but heavy enough to withstand the winds we have been having around here.   (I doubt my first design would have been able to stay out in these winds.)

So I bought it.   Now, all I have to do is cut a hole to correspond to the storage door.  For that I need a heavy - really heavy - duty cable cutter.   Or a saw.

The other thing I need is a covering of sorts to discourage the boys from trying to jump over the fence.   I found mesh laundry bags for $1.89 and bought four of them.   All I have to do is cut them open and sew them together.   I think bull clips will hold the mesh on just fine.

See what donating gently used clothing did for me...saved the tweaking.

I'll let you know how I am progressing over the next couple of days.   I'm trying to fit this latest tweak in as well as lots of time with the grandkids before I leave on the 5th...not to long from now.

I leave you with a picture of a beautiful flower to enjoy...

Thanks for dropping in...

Have a great evening...