Thursday, June 21, 2012

More Pictures and More Tinkering

The drive from Garden City (on Bear Lake) to Logan includes some great valleys and fantastic pictures.   On the way there's a spring that comes out from a cave called Rick's Springs.    The first picture is of the inside of the cave and the second is just's a big cave!!!

Here are a few of the sights along the way...

Well, I thought I was done tinkering with the trailer but someone told me about seeing a great dog kennel that hooked up to a fifth-wheel...and...I got to thinking it might be a great thing for the cats.

The idea is that the cats can access the outside kennel through one of the storage areas.   It means that I would lose the storage space.   But the particular storage area is small and only contains my bike accessories and I can keep those with the bike.

What I will need to do is first create a kennel that is collapsible.   I decided to use PVC pipe and fittings along with water-proof canvas and hardware cloth (screen).   After creating the main frame out of the PVC, I will sew the canvas on the top, bottom and side toward the trailer with the hardware cloth on the remaining three sides.   Instead of a zipper, I decided to use velcro.

I've been thinking about different ways to attach the kennel to the trailer, rejecting most but I think I have hit upon an idea, again,  using velcro tape.

On the inside of the trailer, I will have to create a doorway of sorts to the storage area.   I haven't exactly decided how to do that.   The wood is very thin at the access point and I don't think a kitty door (like the one I put in the bathroom door) will work.   I do have extra pieces of wood left over from the other tinkering I have done.   So, I am thinking that I could create a sliding door of sorts.   Still working on that one.

Well, I guess I will be busy over the next few days.   Have to get onto the project fast because I will be leaving right after the fourth and traveling back east.

Thanks for dropping in...

Have a good evening...