Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Quick Little Post

If you're wondering where I've been lately...well, I've been helping grandchildren organize their rooms.   You know, sorting through the toys, changing the furniture layout, etc.   It's been lots of fun. 

I've also been re-organizing the trailer for the next trip.   Things like switching the winter clothes with summer clothes.   (Although, I'm still using the heater to keep the trailer warm!!!   And last night was the first night I haven't used the electric blanket in three weeks!!!)

Short trip this weekend to Bear Lake Camp and the Logan Art's Festival.   I promise to take pictures.   Then I will be getting ready to leave for the trip back east...different route, so lots of new pictures.

And, my grandson introduced me to Dragonvale...a game about building a dragon park.   Lots of fun.   He even got his dad (my son) and his uncle (another son) into playing it.   We are having a bit of a race to see who can build the fastest!   Boys will be boys!!

I will be back to regular posting next week.   In the meantime, thanks for stopping by...

Have a great evening and please take time to enjoy your weekend...