Friday, July 6, 2012

Only One Picture

I thought I would be taking lots of pictures today, but that didn't work out so well.   But, I did take one yesterday while traveling.   It's called the Devil's Slide...
Dramatic!  Right?   Apparently lots of folks thought so because theyve added an observation lane to the interstate just to take pictures .   It really is quite huge.

Okay, so why didn't I get to pictures today?   Well, it began last night.   I realized that the door to the boys fenced area couldn't be opened by the boys, but if I left everything up, some little critter could easily open the door from the storage compartment into the trailer...duh!!!!   So, I propped the sewing machine up against the door for the night.

This morning it was quite cool - almost cold.   But they said it would warm up a bit.   Right!   So after my exercises and breakfast, I ventured out to a hardware store to see what I could come up with to secure the door.   Remember, this is only quarter inch stuff we are dealing with.   I think I have it solved.   Stay tuned.

I then realized that I had no 'pooper scooper' to clean out the boys litter bag...yes, I said bag.   It's a big plastic bag shaped container with handles and high walls and it was less than half the price of a litterbox.   (And I never use the top of the litter box anyway.)    So far it has worked out well.   The boys can scratch that litter as hard as they still remains in the litter bag!

By the time I had visited both stores, the temperature had soared upward.   So, I came back to the trailer and have stayed here the rest of the day.   With the AC on.   Remember, my trailer is nothing more than a little tin box!!!   But even on low the AC keeps it comfortable.

Back to the boys fenced area.   It seems that Chip has taken up residence in the storage compartment - even in the heat.  (But then he likes to sleep on the manifold under the second row seats in the car!!!) So when Dale goes out there is a bit of a dust-up.   And Dale does go out a lot...and stays out.

What I did see of Pocatello was very nice.   It's a large town with all the chain stores one needs.   I saw communities with large homes and communities with small homes.   The roads were really nice and well laid out.   One thing I haven't seen is the Mom and Pop type stores.   Hopefully I can poke around tomorrow - early - and snap some pictures.   Sunday, I'm off to Yellowstone for several days.

Thanks for spending your time here...

Enjoy your weekend...