Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday - where did the week go?

Well, I've lined up a campsite for the next I have to decide on housing for the next couple of years!!  I guess for now, Maine has won out.   I'm not disappointed...I love Maine...especially if I can find a place with water views.   BUT, I have not given up on NYC yet.

I finished embellishing my first set of 'prayer flags' and I think they turned out pretty well.   What do you think?

I have off-loaded a lot of 'stuff' from the trailer to the storage unit.   That should lighten the load considerably for my car...and my trailer.

So what are your plans for the weekend?   Mine include house hunting,  making some inchies for Roses on My Table, pbs shows (cooking, gardening, etc.)  and, of course, football!!!

I think I will take pictures of the houses I visit and post them.   Kind of like taking you along for the ride.   Full year rental homes here are few and far between.   Winter rentals are abundant but most do not want pets.   I'm not really interested in winter rentals anyway...I want my own things.

There's also an abundance of apartments but I'm not really interested in those either.   I figure I've got a month and something will show up that I really love.

Have a blast this weekend and enjoy yourself...

Thanks for visiting...