Friday, September 28, 2012


It is really raining out...remember the phrase raining like cats and dogs.  Well, that about describes it.  Another busy day.   I'm looking forward to a weekend of football...especially NFL with the real refs. 

Here's a couple more newspaper crafts.   Flowers.   The first one is made by cutting out about a dozen circles.   The larger the circles the larger the flower and the larger the number of circles needed.   Smaller flowers need less circles.   Also cut out a cardboard circle for the base.   Fold circles in half and then in half again pinching the bottom BUT DO NOT CREASE the rest of the circle.   Using a glue gun, attach the folded circles to the cardboard circle.   It is easier to work from the outside of the cardboard circle to the center.   Here's what the flower looks like.

Yes, the bottom is flat.  They would make very beautiful but inexpensive tree ornaments.   Simply make two and glue the bottoms together with a string for hanging in between.   The above flower was sprayed with gold spray paint.

Another flower, the cabbage rose, can also be made with newspaper but there is a trick.   Take half a newspaper sheet and cut in half lengthwise.   Now the trick is to crumple the newspaper.   Not just once or twice, but until all the fibers are broken down.   The paper actually seems stronger.   Then make a cabbage rose.  

First twist one end and make a tight circle, then twisting the paper wrap it around the center circle.   You may need to do this more than once to get your desired effect.   When you have it, undo it and add drops of glue to hold it together.  Then tuck the end under the rose and glue.    These flowers are really very pretty and lightweight...

I have several more 'newspaper' crafts, including a basket and some beads.   If you have any suggestions let me know.   I'd like to put together a PDF of newspaper crafts to download.   Free, of course.   Thanks.

Hope your dry.   Have a great weekend.

Thanks for dropping in...