Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Is Coming...

Okay, things are getting better around here.   I am close to finishing the upstairs.   So close that I went out and bought some beds today to be delivered in a couple days.   No more sleeping on the floor.   I actually liked sleeping on the floor until it got cold.   Then I noticed that I seemed to be a lot stiffer upon waking.  

Speaking of beds, have you looked at the cost of beds lately?   A real eye-opener...kind of put a dent in my budget even though I only bought sale items!!!  And no, I didn't get the really expensive beds...way out of my budget.  But I didn't get the cheapest one for me either.   I value my comfort and ability to get a good night's sleep too much.

On the decorating home front, I have all the Christmas decorations on the main floor now.    But first I have to pack my fall things away - and let me tell you I have a lot of 'season of orange' stuff!   But, it's all good and I will get it done.

I'm still doodling away.   Here are my latest three...

Someone asked me why I doodle?   I find that doodling is a way of relaxation.   When I want to just wind down from an active day, I pick up my pens and doodle away.

Back to my question from last week about planning for next year.   I have been toying with the idea that one of the things I would like to do is to edit down my possessions.   At first I thought that I would like to get rid of about half of my things, but then I realized that this may be the wrong way to go about editing 'stuff'.

I think that instead of a percentage of things, I need to actually look at how those things impact my life.  Do I like them, enjoy them?   Are they something I use?   What would happen if I choose to give them away?   And anything that I may not want to keep but that still has some meaning, I will take a digital picture of it.

So what do you think about that idea...think it will work?

Thanks for dropping in...

See you tomorrow (and I'll show some of my decorations)

Enjoy your evening...(There's a game tonight!!!)