Monday, January 28, 2013

A Plan of Action

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Now that we've made our choices for the goals we want to enjoy this year, it's time to implement them.

Each of us has different ways of working toward goals.   Some want meticulous, detailed plans.   Others just prefer to just put the goals out there and go for it.  For most of us, I would suggest that the extreme on both ends may not help us achieve our goals.  But each of us needs to decide on the method that best suits our individual lives.

One easy way to design a plan would be to divide each goal into eleven steps (eleven months left of the year).   Then, if you want further detail, divide the months into weeks, etc. 

Let's take an example of a walking exercise.   (Let me first note that if you decide to begin an exercise, diet or other health goal, you really need to check with your doctor to make sure that it is something which is recommended for you.)

The first thing would be to decide what you want to achieve.   Don't begin with the entire goal on day one, begin with smaller steps and increase them over the next year.

So begin with a walk that is comfortable (say 1/2 to 1 mile) and increase by small amounts either by the week or the month until you reach the goal you have set.   Once the goal is reached, you can challenge yourself by decreasing the time it takes to walk your goal.

Other goals may require different types of steps.   For instance, pursuing a new hobby or a writing career.   Research on the topic may be a first step, followed by acquiring supplies and resources, taking classes including internet classes, joining a group that focuses on the goal, testing the goal by actually doing and improving (i.e. making a quilt or writing a blog).

Steps are not written in stone, they should follow a plan that feels comfortable for you.  But, if needed, you can change that plan.  After all, it is your plan!!!

Keeping track of your goals can be done in a notebook, on a computer, or even on a calendar that you have reserved especially for keeping track of your goals.   And right now, calendars for this year are really could actually get one for each goal!

So look at your goals and begin devising steps to help you achieve them.   For now, just write them down on scratch paper.   You may wind up changing the steps several times before actually finishing each plan.

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