Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Any Plans for 2013?

The second in the series of Ornament Doodles.

So do you have plans for 2013?  Did you just jot down a few ideas on New Year's Eve or have you really explored what you would like to accomplish this year?

Rather than quickly writing up a plan of sorts, why not take this month to really think about it.   Yes, that means sitting down in your favorite chair either in silence or listening to something you enjoy and spending some time daydreaming.   And not just once, but several times...daily would be good.

Our lives are so crammed full of things to do that many of us forget to be like that child of wonder, sitting and imagining what our lives can be like.    When we go from task to task just trying to get our 'to do' lists done,  we wind up missing out on the actual living of our lives.   

Rather than going from 'to do' list to 'to do' list, take a deep breath, slow down and remember that the only thing you really have is time.   And the only time you have is the present.   You can't respend yesterday and you can't bank tomorrow...all you can do is live today...right now...this very moment.   Do you really want to spend all of that precious time on your 'to do' lists?

Now, don't get me wrong, I do know that lists are one way to get things done and to be honest, I make lists myself.   But when those lists become our entire life and there's no room for spontaneity then we might want to rethink our approach to life. 

So take time this month for yourself.   Think about last year and those accomplishments that gave you joy.    Think about those things that didn't go as hoped for but were successful in that you tried them.  And then daydream...daydream about those things that you really want to tackle...those ideas that make you smile.    And yes, we can make a list of them later on but for now just think about it and let your mind wander about all that childhood wonder that all of us experienced at one time in our lives.

Happy daydreaming...

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