Thursday, January 31, 2013

Inchies and Goal Planning Continued

Here's the latest batch of inchies from the inchie swap at Roses On My Table.   Aren't they cute?  By the way, if you would like to join the swap, just go to Roses On My Table and sign up.   No cost except for postage.

Well, wait a few days and the weather really changes.   Ir rained most of yesterday, the fog was so thick that I could not see the water which is just down the road AND the wind!!!  Oh my goodness, it really howled which is why the internet service was spotty.   It's still windy today but not as bad so my internet service is steady.

So how are you doing with your goal planning?   I'm still working on mine.   I know that February begins tomorrow, but as I suggested before you may want to wait until Sunday or Monday to begin working on your goals.  

Keeping track of individual goals is a good way to see how your plans are working out.   Remember that those plans can always be changed.    Make sure that keeping track is a quick and easy process so you don't get bogged down.   For instance, use a calendar and brief notation  (i.e. E-2m would be exercise 2 miles today.)  

There is one thing additional resource I would like to suggest you consider creating.  One way that will help you keep all of your goals in mind is to write them down on one single sheet perhaps even with the monthly steps you have included in your plans.    Keep this in a place where you see it frequently.  It will help you focus on your goals.

Well, the wind is picking up again so my motion detector light is coming on frequently.   I'd better get this uploaded before the internet service becomes spotty again.  

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