Thursday, January 24, 2013

Making Decisions about Goals

Remember yesterday's picture.   It was taken at night and lit using a camera flash.   This is what it looks like taken in full sunlight.   Very different and the coloring is far truer to the actual picture.

So, how are your choices coming?   It is hard to make decisions, especially when there are lots of things you want to do.   One way to think about it is to realize that those things that you do not choose now, can go on a list for next year.   So you are not choosing to forget them, just to put them on hold for a bit.

I talked about my personal physical goals yesterday.   One thing to remember when choosing goals is that you do not forget about other things in the same area that are important.   In this case, things like getting annual check-ups, shots if needed, taking vitamins, etc.   It's just that you will be more attentive to a particular goal than you were in the past.

Take the rest of this week and the weekend to choose your goals/plans for next year.   Remember that these goals are not written in stone.   It may be that some things, like exercise, which are good for you but not necessarily enjoyable would be more beneficial to continue.

Other things, perhaps a goal that you've always wanted to try but haven't had the opportunity - something like painting -  you may realize after a while that it is not something you really want to do.   Then you can congratulate yourself on trying out something new and replace that goal with another.

So think about your choices and while you're at it, you may want to journal using this week's prompt.
'Quietly consider the year unfolding'.   It may help you make some decisions.   Next week, we will look at implementing those choices.

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