Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Reviewing Your Ideas...

Now that you have had a chance to review your list are there any ideas missing?   If so, be sure to add them.

As you continue to review, think about how the ideas differ...

Are there any that center on household activities?   Things like finance, cooking,  organizing, getting rid of excessive 'stuff', gardening,  etc.

Are there things that center on personal improvements?   Things like healthy eating, exercising, education, etc.

Are there ideas that deal with your inner life?   Things like meditation, religious commitment, etc.

Are there ideas that deal with your ambitions?   Things like writing a book, creating a pathway to the profession you've always wanted, or even deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life, etc.

Are there things that you really would enjoy doing?   Things like learning a new craft/hobby, spending more time and/or taking classes on your favorite activity,  etc.

Over the next couple of days as you review your list, decide how many goals or plans you want to try this year.   This has to be a number that you feel comfortable trying.   If you choose too many, you may get overwhelmed and just quit the whole idea.   If you choose too few, you can always add later on.

One way you might want to look at the goals or plans is to divide your ideas into different categories and then choose one from each.    That doesn't mean that you eliminate all the other ideas, perhaps in choosing one goal you may wind up incorporating another idea into that goal.  

For instance, if you want to get a handle on your finances by making a budget, one area that would be included is food.   And so you may wind up learning how to cook less expensive but still satisfying meals.

Over the remainder of this week, spend time reviewing and choosing those goals/plans you want to 
focus on this year.   Day dream about the possibilities of those goals.   See if they feel right.  

Don't choose something only because you think you have to, make sure there is something in that choice that you also want to accomplish.   For instance, very few of us really enjoy embarking on an exercise routine, but the results of being able to do more and feeling better are worth it.

I've been reviewing my list, including the surprise, and have been able to make some choices.   I haven't finished and I may even change some of my choices, but I do have a start.   I hope you do to.

Thanks for visiting...

See you tomorrow...