Monday, February 25, 2013

A Bit More Snow

The forecast was for a couple inches.   Then is was for a couple more inches.   Finally, it was for a lot more than a couple inches...about twelve of so.   But it was beautiful.   Here are pictures about halfway through the snow storm...


Every surface was coated with snow.   It was really like a winter wonderland.   Of course, today the snow needed to be shoveled from walkways, driveways, steps and decks.   I didn't mind at all, it was so beautiful it was worth it.

The new weekly journal prompt is up.   I hope you smile when you do this one.   Actually, why not try smiing while you are journaling and see if it does make a difference.

I posted a question on Friday about what to do with your creative endeavors?   I'm still at a loss as to what to do with them.   If they have a function such as quilts, one can always donate them to a worthy cause.  

But what about your journals, or your pictures.   What do you do with them?   I'm waiting for the 'light bulb' to go's still off right now.   Again I ask, do you have any suggestions?

I think this is a subject that needs to be explored.   I love creating.   I think my creations are expressions of my life.   They mean something special to me.   But...well, you know the question.

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Enjoy yourself...