Thursday, February 28, 2013

A New Journal

Last day of!!!

I created something new and different for me today.   I made this journal...

First I created an accordion spine out of heavy weight drawing paper using a ruler, a stylus to mark the folds and a bone folder...

I then added lots of different papers, envelopes and paper bags.   I attached them using double sided permanent tape.   Here are some pictures of the contents...

I plan on using this journal during the month of March for writing, painting and a bit of collage.   I've never used one of these before so it will be a treat.  

So, how did you do on your goals in February?   I did fine on some things, not so great on others. 

For instance, I did begin my exercise routine once again and only skipped two days.   Beginning in March I will be upping both the time and strength of the exercises I do.   Two miles walking a day instead of one mile.   A longer strength training routine and a longer yoga routine.

I have also done well on my writing.   This year's large assignment is almost complete and I have begun a project that I have wanted to do for some time.  

I did not do so well on copying my pictures or documents.   Actually, I did not get any copied but I did finally find a good scanner.   This coming month, I plan on making copying and notating pictures and documents a regular part of my day.

Sorting boxes was so-so.   I did get some done but not as much as I had hoped.  

The storm just kind of fell apart...we did get snow and slush yesterday but that's about it.   Fine with me for now.

Are you ready for March?   I'm still looking for February, but guess I have to continue into March!!

Thanks for spending some time here...

Enjoy yourself...