Thursday, February 7, 2013

Getting Ready

Short post today.   I spent the day getting ready for the 'blizzard'.   Yep, that's what they are calling it.   The prediction is for more than two feet of snow in my area.   Could be even more if the storm system stalls off the coastline.   Should be fun.  

First, gas up the car which was sitting precariously close to empty.   Next the grocery store for a few items.   And, as Valentine is only a week away, cards sent to grandkids.

Then home to do laundry, make some food that can be eaten cold.   Meatloaf for sandwiches.   Beans for baked beans.   Bake the rest of the cookies from the holidays.   Etc.

I also took some things to the trailer in case we lose electricity.   Kitty litter and food for Chip and Dale, blankets, a couple books to read, etc.  Why the trailer?   Well, I will have lights and heat in the trailer as long as the propane and batteries lasts.   If the batteries drain, I backed the car in so I can hook it up to the trailer to charge the batteries.

So all I need to do now is make sure the electronics are fully charged including my extra charges for the phone.   Tomorrow should be a breeze.   Hopefully I will be able to spend lots of time creating.

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