Friday, February 15, 2013

Make a Date...

Another goal that I have this year is to make a weekly date with...myself, of course.   Now, I remember when the kids were young and just going to the grocery story by myself was a treat.   And for those of you in that situation, I completely understand.

But this is different.   It's not only an art date, but it can be!   It's not only a lunch date, but it can be!   It's not only a movie date, but it can be!   It's a date to treat yourself to something unique.

It can be as simple as visiting a quilt store, a craft store or even a specialty grocery store that you have never been to before.   BUT,  especially with the grocery store, it is not a time to finish your errands like weekly grocery shopping.

This is a time to do something out of the ordinary that appeals to you.  To do something just for you.   It may be visiting a museum, an art gallery or a botanical garden.   It may be attending a lecture or a workshop or a series of classes.   It may be visiting a special place like walking on the beach.

For instance, one of the things that my husband and I began was to see how many of the light houses on the east coast we could visit.   We visited a lot from Florida through Maine, but not all.  And although my husband is no longer living,  I want to continue that; so for me, checking out an unseen (by me) lighthouse would be a date.    

So, what do you think about a weekly date with yourself?   It doesn't have to take a long time.   It doesn't have to cost a lot...window shopping costs nothing, but could result in a ton of ideas.  

Don't look at this as being selfish.   It's really a chance to recharge yourself, to open yourself to new ideas, to show that you really are worth taking time for yourself.

If weekly dates are too much, try monthly dates.   But most important, at least give one a try.

Have a great weekend (We're supposed to get more snow!!!)

Think about having a date with yourself...

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