Friday, March 29, 2013

Signs of Spring

So what are you up to today?   I ran some errands.   You know picking up last minute grocery items for Sunday's Celebration. 

While out, I went north to enjoy some of those delicious oysters at The Taste of Maine Restaurant just north of Bath.  Although most of the snow is gone, the further north I went, the more snow there was.

Here at the house I have a couple tiny mounds of snow left - did I tell you that it is in the mid 50's today!!!

The grass still looks like dry straw except it is white not golden brown...

However, I did find some hopeful signs of spring...

So, I guess all's right with the world and Mother Nature is waking up from her winter slumber.   I can't wait.

Tomorrow I will be fixing my Easter dinner.   You know between lutefisk at Christmas and kibbey (raw meat mixed with bulgar and onions) at Easter, my holiday meals are strange to say the least.  But tomorrow I will be fixing kibbey, spinach pies and baklava.

I wish all of you a great weekend.   Share it with your family and loved ones.   Enjoy each other and watch Mother Nature wake up.

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