Friday, May 30, 2014


Good Evening.   It was a whirlwind of a week with my friend visiting; but, sadly, I took her to the airport this evening on her way to the next destination of her journey.   I must say, though, a fun time was had by all!!!

I shared with you some pictures of flowering trees yesterday.   How's this for contrast...

Frugal cooking takes time. Let's face it. It's much quicker to pick up something from a fast food restaurant or the deli, or even bake a frozen meal. But, many of those meals contain things that aren't good for you. Excessive salt or sugar or fats.

I'm not suggesting that you should cut out purchased meals altogether...having some frozen lasagne on hand for emergencies is helpful, especially if you purchased it on sale. An alternative, though, would be to make that meal yourself and freeze it. When you're preparing a meal...make enough for two meals and freeze one for later use. Then when you find that you're short on time, you can pull out one from the freezer

Besides taking a bit more time, frugal cooking needs good inexpensive recipes. Recipes that provide the best nutrition bang for the dollar that you can get. Good nutrition also requires good products. Farmer's Markets are a great place to get quality produce. It may not be cheaper, but the nutritional value is generally excellent.

How to combine good nutrition, with inexpensive meals that require the least amount of time is something I would like to examine once a month. And I would love some input from you. Your tips. Your recipes. Etc. So come along and lets take a good look at how we can feed ourselves the best way possible.

I'm beginning to learn how to overlap designs. 

Today is the end of the week.   Time to check on your journal page.   After adding the distressing ink, I added several shades of acrylic paint.   Finally, I added some white dabs of correction fluid.   Unlike last week, I like the way this journal page turned out.   What do you think?

Thanks for checking things out this evening...
I hope you have a great weekend...
See you on Monday...