Monday, June 23, 2014


I hope your weekend was relaxing and enjoyable.   I saw lots of hot air balloons take off Sunday and it was a spectacular sight.   I was so mesmerized that I forgot to take pictures. Next time...

So, how's your bliss doing so far?   Have you had time to think about it this month?   Well, here's another aspect of bliss...adventures.   Remember when you were a child and everything was new and exciting...from baby kittens, to summertime flowers, to parades, to making mud pies, to catching (or in my case trying to) fireflies, to playing kick the can, to going to the county fair?

Remember how excited you were and how slow the clock hands turned until the magic time when your adventure began?  Pure childhood bliss?  You know what we should do?   We should capture that feeling of adventure.

Your adventures don't have to be extravagant trips around the world, they can be as simple as a walk around the block looking for things you haven't noticed before, or a movie you want to see, or a museum, or a tea party with a child, or that secret desire that you've always wanted to try but thought it was a silly thing for an adult to do.   (I love to swing so when I go to the playground, I find the largest swing I can and pump away.   Really now, for someone past retirement age, what a silly thing to do.   Pure bliss!)

This week, discover an adventure that you want to do and do it!   Enjoy it!   Be excited about it! Pure bliss!

Eliza Cross, her blog is Happy Simple Living, issued a challenge on Sunday to explore what one can accomplish by spending one 15 minute segment every day.   I decided to take her up on it and am working on finishing the draft of my latest writing project.   I have to say that concentrating for a single 15 minute session does lead to getting a lot done.

Three new designs.   The balls and the leaves were easy but the flowers in the grid were a bit hard because I did not get the grid and learn...

I decided to create a journal page with blocks of color.   Don't ask me why.   I am not sure that this will be an easy beginning but it will be an adventure to say the least.

1.  Lose one pound
2.  Exercise every weekday
3.  Finish one swap
4.  Finish remodeling trailer
     (Yes, I am at it again.)
5.  Zentangle Challenge every weekday
6.  15 minute Challenge every day
7.  Read every day
8.  Dental appointment (Last one!)
9.  Begin working on fence
10.  Organize craft supplies - begin

Thanks for dropping in today...
See you tomorrow...